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What you and NFL players have in common: Workers' comp struggles

When you watch your favorite NFL team play you might not think you have much in common with the players at first glance. And while chances are that they are younger, faster and potentially make more money than you, if you have ever been injured on the job then you probably share at least one thing in common: you have struggled to get the payments you deserve through the workers' compensation program.

What you should know about knee injuries

People in Texas who must stand or walk frequently during the workday rely on several muscles, bones and joints in their legs to provide this mobility, and the knees bear much of the burden. In fact, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons notes that a person’s knee is among the easiest joints to injure, and these injuries send more people to the doctor than most other complaints.

The air they breathe: toxic fumes in the oil and gas industries

Breathing may be a function that most people take for granted, but when a Texas oil field employee is on the job, the air may not be fit to take in. According to Oilpro, one of the chemicals that these workers are typically exposed to while working on rigs or in processing plants is hydrogen sulfide. Long-term contact with the fumes can lead to a number of types of injuries, as well as fatalities.

The view behind you

In any vehicle, there are blind spots that could create a hazard. In situations where a driver is trying to back out of a driveway or parallel park in San Antonio, the area immediately behind the vehicle could particularly problematic. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a back-up camera may be helpful in these situations.

Should large trucks have in-cab cameras?

There are so many tractor trailers on the Texas roadways, you may take their presence for granted. When you see a traffic situation ahead and a large truck behind you, or you notice a trailer beside you swaying, you may begin to question how safe they really are. According to Trucking Info, if there is a camera in the cab of that commercial vehicle, you may have less cause to worry.

What to do if workers' comp benefits are denied

Anyone who has worked construction knows that an accident can happen at any time and turn your life completely upside down. One minute you are joking around with co-workers and the next you can barely move. Unable to work, you wonder how you will pay your bills and put food on the table.

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