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Are you using your respirator correctly?

Out in the oil fields, there are a number of airborne hazards that can have a devastating effect on your lungs. Wearing a respirator may be the solution to many of the dangerous inhalants, but the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation warns that this personal protective gear is not a guarantee of safety. In many situations, relying too heavily on your respirator could cause a significant workplace injury.

Extra considerations for drivers of LCVs

Truck operators must undergo extensive training to receive a commercial driver’s license and be cleared to begin hauling heavy loads across Texas. According to Trucking Truth, when a truck pulls more than one trailer at a time, the operator of this longer combination vehicle must undergo extra training to learn to compensate for the challenges that are unique to these configurations.

Crush injuries in the oil and gas industry

Personal protective equipment is essential for you on the oilfields of Texas, and your employer should supply what you need, as well as training to ensure that you know how to handle your duties safely. Even when an employer does everything right, it may not be enough to prevent an accident that results in a body part being crushed in machinery or between heavy objects. We at The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C., have often worked with employees who have sustained permanently damaging crush injuries.

Is it time to take away the keys?

As your parents age, you may be concerned that reduced range of motion, failing eyesight and other common health problems associated with getting older may compromise their ability to stay safe on the Texas roadways. According to, while you may have a solid reason for your unease, there are plenty of reasons for them to keep the keys for as long as possible. Not only does driving provide independence, it also staves off depression, and those who continue to drive are less likely to need to move to a nursing home. Fortunately, there are some vehicle technologies that may mitigate your fears for your parents’ safety.

Hearing loss: The silent workplace injury

Maybe you were one of those Texas workers who diligently wore ear protection on the job. Maybe you thought you could handle the noise or even work better without the encumbrance of the earmuffs or plugs. Or you were somewhere in between, wearing the protection when the noise level rose and leaving it in your locker or truck on other days. Now you may regret your choices.

What are workers’ compensation death benefits?

You may have known that if your spouse was injured on the job in Texas, he or she would be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which typically cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. However, if your spouse has died in a workplace accident, workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect you from the financial hardship caused, as well. The compensation you may be eligible to receive is known as death benefits.

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