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Driver flees the scene after striking and dragging skateboarder

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Skateboarding can be a fast and fun way to get from point A to point B in San Antonio, but just like pedestrians, skateboarders are vulnerable to vehicles when they leave the sidewalks. When they ride against traffic, keep to the sides of the road and cross at intersections or crosswalks, they reduce the chances that a careless driver will not see them. Unfortunately, not every driver acts responsibly while behind the wheel.

A recent hit-and-run accident involving a skateboarder in San Antonio was witnessed by many people, including the victim’s boyfriend. He had been skateboarding with her when a car struck her and dragged her for several feet. He attempted to get the driver to stop, but the vehicle kept going. The incident, which happened during daylight hours, was caught on video, and this helped San Antonio law enforcement find the driver. 

The girl did manage to escape from the underside of the car, but she was left with severe injuries. It is unknown whether alcohol, distraction or another issue contributed to the collision. The driver is facing charges because he did not remain at the scene and provide information and assistance, which Texas law requires. 

People who leave the scene of an accident may be trying to avoid liability, but often, law enforcement is able to identify and apprehend them. Many people hire a car accident attorney to ensure that the responsible person is held accountable for the suffering and other damages that he or she has caused. 

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