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The outlook for worker recruiting in the oil industry

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Oil Field Accidents |

Today’s advanced technology has made countless jobs in Texas simpler, faster and safer. As a result, some industries have become less of a hazard to workers than in previous years. The oil industry, however, remains one of the most dangerous jobs for many reasons. Despite the plethora of jobs oil work has created, could it face challenges in acquiring workers down the road?  

It has long been known that the oil industry can be a risky one. Oil Price, a resource for oil and energy news, shared in a piece on oil field work that it is partially for this reason that some younger workers refuse to join the industry altogether. And while the industry, like others, seeks the work of millennials in search of careers, it also faces the obstacle of persuading them into this line of employment. Oil Price adds that the difficulty of the job is another aspect that dissuades younger workers from the industry — according to a survey used in the article, millennials prefer a more balanced work schedule and closer work with the latest technology. 

Even though younger workers are less inclined to jump on board, the oil industry nevertheless provides millions of current jobs. The Houston Chronicle reported in 2014 that a whopping 297,800 Texans worked in the oil and gas industries alone. Yet the Chronicle also notes that there are a few looming threats to oil work that could make a massive impact in the future, including natural gas. Although some natural gas companies often partner with their gasoline and diesel fuel counterparts, their promotions frequently praise cleanliness and environmental protection. The exact reason for this plummet in the number of workers may be complex, but it is clear that the nation’s oil industry could see major changes in the coming years.