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Two Magnolia men killed in truck accident

There may be those rare times where different forms of liability may come into play in a single case in San Antonio. An example may be where one is killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing functions related to his or her job. While most would describe what happened in a situation as this as being a car accident, one career-related connection to the crash cannot be overlooked (this making it a workers' compensation case). Accident victims and their families may care little about who is ultimately responsible to cover the costs. Yet understanding which benefit provider would be primary in a complex case such as this may end up saving one from having to endure a good deal of stress and aggravation. 

Drunk driving remains a killer on Texas roads

With the plethora of public awareness campaigns and education about the dangers of drunk driving provided by advocacy groups and others, you might believe that people are finally getting the message and are willing to hang up their keys if they are going to drink. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Drunk driving continues to be a major factor in many motor vehicle accidents throughout Texas.

Visual communication and other steps for oilfield workers' safety

Drill rigs, oil wells, and other machinery and equipment used in the oil fields are all part of the Texas landscape. The gas and oil extraction industry is the source of income for many Texas families, and if this is how you earn your living, your family may live in some amount of fear of losing you in a workplace accident. This is because working in the oil fields is one of the most hazardous occupations with the highest risks of injuries and deaths nationwide.

Fracking poses danger of benzene exposure

Fracking in Texas may be at the heart of an increased number of earthquakes over the past decade, but that’s not the only danger of this relatively new form of oil extraction. For workers in the oil and gas industry, benzene exposure poses a health risk whose long-term effects are serious and may even be deadly.

What Should I Do If Involved in a Car Accident?

If you frequently travel Texas roads and highways, you know that accidents can happen. Even the safest drivers run the risk of being involved in an accident, which can entail loss of property and bodily injury. While you can’t control the actions of other drivers you can make sure you know what to do if an accident occurs, as illustrated by these tips from Nerdwallet.com.

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