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Does your employer have to offer workers' compensation?

You likely go to work every day in San Antonio confident that if you were to be injured in an accident while on the job, your employer would take of you (after all, that is what workers' compensation insurance is for, right). Getting the news, then, that your employer does not carry such coverage can be quite jarring. Like most, you probably assumed that all companies are required to carry workers' compensation for their employees. Many states do indeed make such coverage mandatory; is Texas one of them? 

Safety Advice For Texas Oil Field Workers

Did you know that your job in the oil patch is more likely to claim your life than any other job? The oil and gas industry is not only the backbone of the economy in Texas but also for thousands of families who see their loved ones leave for work every day, never knowing whether they will make it home safely. Stressful working conditions, the negligence of others and faulty equipment are but some of the causes of catastrophic injuries and death in the oil patch.

What Is Distracted Driving and How Can I Prevent It?

Among the many hazards facing drivers in San Antonio, distracted driving ranks pretty high. More than just using a mobile device behind the wheel, distracted driving encompasses a range of seemingly innocuous behaviors, including conversing with passengers and eating behind the wheel. To prevent potentially deadly accidents from occurring, the Federal Communications Commission offers the following advice.

Detailing maintenance and cure benefits

Working on an oil rig off the coast of Texas is undoubtedly exciting, which is likely one of the reasons you were drawn to such a career. However, it also presents a number of inherent risks, which is why drilling and excavation ranks among the most dangerous industries. Those who work in the same environment as you often come to us here at The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C. after having been involved in workplace accidents expecting their expenses to be covered by traditional workers' compensation. Depending on the circumstances of such accidents, assistance may actually come from a different source. 

How to reduce accidents with large trucks

Drivers in Texas need to share the road with large trucks of all kinds. Accidents involving cars and trucks can be disastrous because of the size of the larger vehicles. Drivers of cars should be aware of the additional hazards and drive defensively when in the vicinity of trucks to reduce the number of severe crashes.

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