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What if an injury prevents you from working?

Employees in Texas who are injured on the job have a number of concerns, and the top of the list usually relates to paying bills, especially if is an injury that prevents them from working for a long time. To help out those who have a disability due to a workplace injury, the government has a social security program that can help for a certain amount of time. 

Heat illness hazards in the gas and oil industry

Working on an oil rig comes with many dangers, including the threat of inclement weather. For oil-rig workers, the threat of heat-related illnesses are serious and very real. Weather conditions at most drill sites include excessive heat from the sun and high levels of humidity. Additionally, there may be times when your work requires you to enter confined spaces which can further exacerbate the risk of developing heat-related illnesses. 

Poor weather and large truck crashes

A number of factors may cause a large truck collision, whether a trucker is suffering from fatigue or has consumed drugs or alcohol behind the wheel. For other drivers, these examples of negligent behavior are very concerning and can result in a fatal crash. However, there are many other reasons why people continue to pass away and sustain major injuries in truck accidents, some of which may be out of a truck driver's control. For example, poor weather has played a role in many traffic accidents and large trucks can be especially dangerous when ice or snow is present on the road, among other hazards such as heavy rain and strong wind.

How Can I Prevent Blindness at My Place of Work?

In some Texas workplaces the risk of eye injuries is severe, especially manufacturing and machining plants. Not only can an eye injury impact a worker’s ability to earn a living, it can also result in permanent vision loss in some cases. Accordingly, it’s important for employers to take steps to prevent eye injuries, and PreventBlindness.org offers tips on how you can do just that.

Nighttime driving can be deadly

People who drive along the streets of San Antonio, Texas, often remain on the roads once the sun has set. Once nighttime arrives, there are often drivers who are rushing to meet with friends, coming home from work or simply running errands late into the night. The danger lies in the fact that deadly car accidents are three times more likely to occur at night than they are during the day, according to the National Safety Council. Although driving at any hour of the day can be dangerous, driving at night poses a greater risk to drivers of all ages. It is important to keep in mind these hidden dangers and to drive accordingly in an effort to avoid becoming the next victim of a catastrophic accident.

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