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What should go into a fire safety plan?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Texas office workers must be protected by their employers at all costs. One aspect of this is create a solid fire safety plan to ensure all personnel knows the proper procedures in the event of a legitimate emergency. While plans are bound to differ from workplace to workplace, Travelers offers a few tips on what should be included in most plans.

Knowledge of Floors Plans

No office fire safety plan is complete without the knowledge of a buildings floor plans. Workers should be able to easily access maps showing where exits are located, as well as where any fire safety equipment is stored. Floor plans should also be easily accessible by emergency personnel, who will need to access a building in an expedient manner should a fire break out.

Designation of Fire Safety Staff

In order to spread information and ensure that workers stay in the loop regarding fire safety plans, it helps to enlist a fire safety staff for educational/organizational purposes. These people will be responsible for informing the rest of the staff about the proper procedure, while also ensuring that any new information is disseminated as necessary. Fire safety staff should also be properly trained on use of equipment, whether that means fire extinguishers or alarms.

Regular Maintenance of Equipment

Along with knowledge of how to use life-saving equipment, it’s also crucial that equipment is properly maintained and updated according to regulation. For instance, fire extinguishers have an expiration date and it’s vital that they are changed out as needed to make certain they’re ready for an emergency. If you have questions, contact your local fire department for assistance.