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How can truckers prevent distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

When spending a lot of time behind the wheel, as commercial truck drivers often do, driving distractions can be even more of a concern. While there are laws in place in Texas that prohibit things like texting and driving, truck drivers and the companies they work for should also take steps to prevent these potentially deadly behaviors. American Trucker offers the following tips in this case, which strive to keep all motorists safe when sharing the road.

Ensure technology is used responsibly

Technology is a huge part of the job for the modern trucker. That’s why it’s important for companies to utilize safety features and other measures to make sure technology is used responsibly. For instance, some trucks are fitted with hands-free options, so drivers can perform certain maneuvers without taking their hands off the wheel. Safety options, such as backup cameras, can even prevent accidents from occurring.

Use defensive driving tactics

Defensive driving entails being aware of your surroundings and paying close attention to other drivers. This is especially important for truckers, who have a harder time stopping their vehicles when encountering an unexpected road hazard. Along with being aware of the actions of others, maintaining a safe speed and obeying all traffic laws are also important.

Set devices before setting out

GPS is a truck driver’s best friend, and this technology is used most effectively when it’s set before heading out on a run. While distracted driving usually brings to mind things like texting and driving, in fact, something as seemingly harmless as adjusting the radio is also considered a distraction. Truckers should take a moment to ensure all of their electronic devices are set correctly to prevent issues while driving.