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Tips on highway driving

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

When traveling during the holiday season, highway driving is likely to occur. That’s why it’s important for motorists in Texas to take the proper steps to preserve safety while traveling on the highway, both for themselves and others. Highway driving can be challenging no matter your skill level, but with the right preparation, you may be able to prevent a serious accident.

According to Nationwide, lane changes are intimidating when driving at high speeds. Motorists should leave plenty of room between vehicles in this case, which should be at least four to six seconds between their car and the one in front of them. Also, be sure to use your signals to indicate the maneuver and check your blind spots by looking over your shoulder when merging. Blind spots are areas of the road invisible to your rearview mirrors, and this includes areas at the front and rear, as well as both sides. 

Tempers may also flare when driving on the highway, especially during rush hour traffic. In this case, it’s important to keep your wits about you, even when faced with aggressive drivers. Don’t take another motorist’s actions personal and never attempt to retaliate against a perceived slight. This will allow you to remain focused on the road, which is crucial for maintaining safety.

AARP offers tips on how to go along with the flow of traffic. It’s important to maintain a uniform speed, which may entail going over the speed limit on occasion. You should also steer clear of the left lane unless you’re passing other vehicles. Driving in the left lane will get you noticed by the police, who may issue a ticket for the transgression.