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The fatal dangers of aggressive driving

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Texas highways and roadways can become quite congested, especially during peak rush hours of the day. Drivers are often forced to wait in traffic, and as a result, may become agitated and impatient. Whether they are rushing home from work or are running late to an important work meeting, drivers would like to get to their destination as quickly as possible. It is no surprise that more than 80 percent of motorists in Texas and across the country admit to driving aggressively. Aggressive driving, or road rage, is a contributing factor to at least 56 percent of fatal car accidents in the country, according to AAA.

When motorists are able to spot the signs of an aggressive driver, they may be able to quickly alert law enforcement of the problem and help to avoid a fatal accident from occurring. Motorists should be on the lookout for the following hazardous driving behaviors:

  •          Running traffic signals and failing to stop at traffic signs and pedestrian crosswalks
  •          Erratic lane changing, between other vehicles in a reckless fashion
  •          Excessive horn honking and yelling at other motorists
  •          Speeding, cutting off other vehicles and blocking cars from switching lanes
  •          Following too closely behind another vehicle

People with road rage may become so infuriated, that they leave their vehicle in an attempt to engage in a physical altercation with another driver. Motorists may also hit or bump into other drivers’ vehicles. Law enforcement officers urge drivers to avoid eye contact with road ragers and restrict interactions with them. Instead, it is important to contact officers and alert them to the situation.