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What are some common oilfield accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Oil Field Accidents |

The oil industry is inherently dangerous in Texas. You work with flammable fluids and gases. There is no getting around the natural dangers that come as part of the job. Your employer must do certain things to make your job as safe as possible. You also have to follow protocols and procedures designed to keep you safe as well. Despite all of this, accidents do still happen.

E&E News explains the oil industry actually has a low injury rate. This could be for a couple reasons. Experts think most likely it is that injuries go unreported. The reporting system is not as well defined as in other industries so collecting accurate information is difficult. Another reason may be that oil field accidents are often severe. This is explained by the fact the industry has a high fatality rate. When an accident happens, people may not injured but instead they die.

Most accident reports come from support activities for drilling, building, cementing and fracking wells. The most common injuries are amputations of fingers. Leg fractures are also common. Most injuries happen from getting caught in equipment or from falls. However, fires, explosions and being struck by objects are also common accidents.

The bottom line is that the oil industry is dangerous. Accidents can and do happen, but there is not enough reporting happening to really help narrow down where the biggest issues are. As reporting gets better, safety regulations and procedures can be redesigned to help reduce accidents and keep you safer. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.