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Why should all truckers use dash-cams?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Advancing technology can make America’s roads and highways much safer to travel. Technology like dash-cams can also be used to monitor behaviors and identify fault in the event a crash does occur. As a result, commercial truckers are encouraged to outfit their vehicles with dash-cams and ensure they’re operating at all times. American Trucker explains a few of the many benefits of having an active dash-cam in a commercial vehicle.

Much of the training a trucker receives happens on the road. As a result, there is a chance an incident will occur while a driver is new and inexperienced. A dash-cam in the cab of the vehicle is essential in this case. The footage can be viewed by an off-site manager, who will then be able to provide tips and advice to the trucker. Proper training ensures a truck driver can handle the many challenges of operating a large vehicle, and it may not be feasible for a manager to be with the trucker at all times. 

Dash-cams are also extremely useful when accidents occur. Determining fault can be difficult in many cases, especially when those involved dispute what actually happened. Dash-cam footage shows events as they happened without the worry of bias or influence. This is beneficial to all who share the road, as less time will be spent trying to figure out who was actually responsible. 

Lastly, dash-cams can even help truckers identify careless drivers on the road. Reporting careless drivers to law enforcement is crucial to prevent accidents and other serious consequences. Footage captured on a dash-cam is quite useful in this case, as it provides concrete evidence to police regarding another driver’s actions.