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Avoiding the four most common types of car crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

The four most common types of car accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, are front-impact, side-impact, rear-end and parking lot collisions. Drivers in Texas would do well to review the ways that they can avoid these.

Front-impact collisions are the most widespread with the IIHS finding that they account for 54% of all serious car crashes in 2016. The car may hit another car or a stationary object like a tree or pole. Front-impact crashes often arise in bad weather and slippery road conditions. Driver distraction is another factor, so one must avoid phone use, among other things. Lane-departure warning systems can reduce the likelihood of these crashes.

Side-impact crashes can be sideswipes or “T-bones.” The former usually happens with cars traveling parallel to one another in separate lanes, so drivers can avoid them by always checking their blind spots before changing lanes and by making sure no one else is changing lanes when passing a vehicle. T-bones frequently occur at intersections, so look both ways at stop signs and traffic lights.

Rear-end collisions can be prevented if drivers avoid speeding and tailgating, especially in heavy traffic. Forward-collision warning systems can be beneficial, too. As for parking lot collisions, drivers can reduce the chances of one if they check their surroundings before entering their vehicle.

Any car accidents that involve injury and arise because of driver negligence can form the basis for a personal injury claim. In Texas, plaintiffs can file their claim and be eligible for compensatory damages as long as their own degree of fault does not exceed that of the defendant. Still, contributory negligence can make it harder to achieve a reasonable settlement, and in the end, one may have to take the case to court. This is why legal representation may come in handy.