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Volvo to manufacture alcohol detection and intervention tech

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

For over a century, the leading cause of auto accident fatalities in Texas and across the country has been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While there is such a thing as alcohol detection technology for cars, it often detects intoxication through a breath test. Volvo will be deploying technology that does not require a breath test, and it will be the first automaker to do so.

The tech will involve in-car cameras that track eye movement. While Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Subaru already use such cameras, they are not meant to address drunk driving specifically. Volvo’s cameras will look for things like a lack of steering input over a prolonged period, extended periods where drivers have their eyes closed, extremely slow reaction times and drifting in and out of lanes.

Once it detects any of these risky behaviors, the system will cause the car to decelerate and safely park without driver input. It would then contact local first responders via an in-car telematics system and give the car’s description and location.

Volvo plans to have the system ready within five years. It’s all a matter of creating an algorithm that combines preexisting systems, such as the ones that detect unsafe behaviors and the ones that slow a vehicle down.

When car collisions arise as a result of drunk driving, those who are injured may be able to file a claim. Victims might be left dealing with catastrophic injuries and the cost of treating them, but as long as they are less to blame for a crash than the defendant, they may be eligible to receive compensatory damages. It may be wise to have a lawyer evaluate the case. If retained, the lawyer might bring in investigators and other experts to gather proof of the defendant’s negligence. The lawyer may then handle negotiations.