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Construction site fatalities commonly caused by these 4 issues

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Construction workers have to be very careful as they do their job duties. It is imperative that they understand some of the bigger risks that they face, so they can try to avoid them. Their employers should do the same, so they can develop safety protocol for each site.

There are four hazards that are more dangerous than any others that these companies and workers must be aware of. Getting a handle on these can prevent many construction worker deaths, as well as some injuries.

The top on the list, which accounts for 33.5% of worker deaths is falls. There are two primary ways to reduce the risk of this happening. One is teaching workers proper climbing techniques; the other is having reliable fall arrest systems in place.

Next on the list is being struck by an object, which accounts for 11.1% of worker deaths. Basic safety measures, such as wearing brightly colored vests and hard hats can help to prevent these from happening.

The third hazard is electrocutions, which account for 8.5% of fatalities. Using a tag-out system can help, as can using common sense around water and inspecting all electrical equipment for fraying or breaks in the wiring.

The final of the fatal four is being caught in or between objects, which accounts for around 5.5% of the deaths. This category includes being pressed between equipment and something else, but it also includes collapses of structures or other items.

Workers who suffer injuries from these four hazards and the family members of those who are killed by them might opt to seek compensation. Workers’ compensation can help some workers, but others might need to pursue a third-party claim for compensation.