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Seeking damages after you’re struck by a semitruck

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Victims of a semitruck crash might suffer from serious injuries. In some cases, these wrecks lead to lifelong injuries that cause the person to be unable to hold a job or do the things they enjoyed doing prior to the crash. This can make the victim miserable. It can also cause considerable financial difficulties.

When you’re struck by a semitruck, you have the option of filing a lawsuit to recover the damages that you suffer. This is done by showing that the liable parties were negligent and that led to the damages. There are several parties who might be held liable in these cases. The trucker might be one of these, but you have to look beyond them to see if there is anyone else who might share in the liability.

Some examples of these include the trucking company or another driver. In some cases, the company that provides the maintenance for the trucks might be to blame. If equipment fails, the manufacturer might be held liable.

We know that you’re probably putting your energy into healing after the crash. We can handle the legal work while you focus on trying to get back as close as you can to living a normal life. We will work to determine your damages, including the cost of medical care, the wages you’re unable to earn while you’re healing and any other expenses that are due to the wreck.

Remember, you only have a limited time to file your claim before you won’t be able to. We are ready to stand up on your behalf and seek the compensation that you’re due.