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Oilfield accidents: Gloves can prevent serious hand injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Oil Field Accidents |

According to statistics, approximately one million work-related hand injuries occur each year nationwide. Texas oilfield workers who do not wear protective gloves while cleaning risk injuries that might limit their income abilities. Employers are responsible for the safety of employees. However, the focus might be on hazards like falls from heights and same-level slips, trips and falls, which are commonly known to cause many oilfield accidents.

Cleaning solutions and soaps cause contact dermatitis, a painful burning, itching condition on unprotected hands. The risks posed by bleach, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, lye, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates and dangerous acids are twofold. Their fumes are toxic, and they could also cause severe chemical burns.

For those who clean up work accident scenes, gloves can protect them from communicable diseases caused by infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens. Maintenance and cleaning tasks expose workers to sharp edges and objects against which appropriate gloves offer protection. Last but equally hazardous is the threats posed by hot machinery and equipment, and cold weather or refrigeration units.

The average medical costs of a hand injury are reported to be about $22,000, and along with lost wages, it could cause severe financial hardship. Under Texas law, workers’ compensation insurance is optional for employers, and workers without coverage might seek answers about their rights to compensation. A consultation with an attorney with experience in getting compensation for victims of oilfield accidents might provide answers. Legal counsel can deal with workers’ compensation claims for eligible workers or personal injury lawsuits for those whose employers do not offer insurance.