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Oilfield accidents are often linked to rough terrain vehicles

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Oil Field Accidents |

All-Terrain Vehicles and Utility Task Vehicles are used for various purposes in the oilfields of Texas. Both vehicles are used on rough terrains. Only UTVs can carry more than one person while an ATV’s primary use is to transport one person over rough terrain. UTVs have truck-like beds for hauling items. These vehicles are not always used with the necessary care, and a significant percentage of oilfield accidents involving vehicles are linked to UTVs and ATVs.

Employers are responsible for the safety of employees, and known safety risks must be eliminated. Potential causes of accidents with rough terrain vehicles include hauling more people than allowed and the failure to wear seat belts. Inadequate operator training leads to many injuries. Furthermore, the lack of monitoring or supervision of lone workers could leave an injured operator stranded after an accident. For that reason, a monitoring device and radios are crucial.

UTV and ATV operators are also vulnerable to weather-related hazards like excessive heat in summer and low winter weather temperatures. Working in the oil and gas industry is exhausting, and fatigued drivers often cause rough terrain vehicle accidents. Frequent rest breaks are crucial for long-distance riding.

Victims of oilfield accidents in Texas might be unsure about their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. Suppose a mechanical failure or defect caused an ATV or UTV accident. In such a case, the injured worker might have grounds to file a third-party personal injury claim against the vehicle manufacturer in a civil court. A Texas attorney with experience in both workers’ comp and personal injury can assess the accident’s detail and navigate both claims simultaneously. If a personal injury claim is viable, the injured worker can recover more than only the typical insurance coverage of medical expenses and lost wages.