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Truck drivers vulnerable on and off the road

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

The American Trucking Association estimates the number of commercial vehicle drivers nationwide at over 3.5 million. In Texas and across the country,  each one of them is at risk of being injured in road accidents. Depending on the type of cargo they haul, they could also be in danger of suffering multiple other occupational injuries. Underscoring the dangers truck drivers face, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says more lives are lost in this industry than any other occupation.

Also, a significant number of lost workdays follow nonfatal injuries or illnesses among truckers. These overexertion, slips, trips and falls, struck-by or crushed-by injuries and transportation-related injuries. After sitting behind the wheel of a truck for many hours, a trucker who must physically load or unload cargo risks musculoskeletal injuries. Other hazards are posed by wet or slippery loading areas, where accidental falls could cause severe injuries. The trucking industry takes drivers across state lines, and when injuries occur in other states, recovering damages becomes more complicated.

Sometimes, truck operators continue driving after injuries or while ill, choosing to seek medical attention in their hometowns. This could lead to even more lost workdays. The legal and administrative steps to file workers‘ compensation claims may overwhelm truck drivers. For that reason, many in Texas seek the support and guidance of an attorney with experience in both personal injury and workers’ compensation laws. Legal counsel can increase the chances of injured truckers recovering maximum applicable compensation. This could involve a workers’ compensation benefits claim, a civil personal injury lawsuit, or both.