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Personal injury: Greater risk due to roadway dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Driving in Texas is not for the fainthearted. Numerous issues can increase roadway danger, which then increases a risk for accidents and personal injury. When you get behind the wheel to drive, you understand from the get go that you’re obligated to adhere to traffic laws. Every other licensed driver is similarly obligated.

The problem is that not every other licensed driver will follow the rules. In fact, you’ve likely noticed how reckless or negligent some drivers are when they fly down the highway at excessive speeds or try to beat a red light. There are several issues that immediately increase roadway hazards and your chances of being in a collision.

Are the roads you’re traveling on in good condition?

You’re not responsible for road maintenance, unless you happen to work for the state or other municipality that governs or performs road repairs. The condition of the road has a lot to do with how safe you are when you’re driving or riding as a passenger in someone’s car.

If there are large cracks or potholes in the road, your risk of a crash increases. Perhaps, you’ve driven on a road where you suddenly encountered uneven pavement. There were hopefully warning signs to alert you ahead of time. A sudden change in terrain can cause you to lose steering.

More traffic means more risk

If the roads you typically navigate by motor vehicle don’t get a lot of traffic, then you have a better chance of safely arriving to your destination. The heavier traffic happens to be, the more likely someone might be distracted at the wheel or intoxicated or speeding. These and other issues make heavy traffic dangerous for you and all other motorists in the vicinity.

If a negligent driver causes you injury

You can pay close attention to weather and road conditions and adjust your speed as necessary to travel safely; however, there isn’t much you can do about another driver’s behavior at the wheel. If a driver is distracted, intoxicated or reckless, a collision may occur that causes you severe injuries. Surviving such injuries may lead to a lengthy and arduous recovery.

Many recovering accident victims endure emotional trauma and financial distress in addition to their physical injuries. To help such people recover from their losses, Texas law allows them to file legal claims against those deemed responsible for damages.