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Routine hazards in oil and gas industry could be deadly

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Oil Field Accidents |

Some of the typical hazards in industries like construction are also present in the oil fields of Texas. Some such dangers cause alarming rates of on-the-job injuries on drill sites. However, several of the risks are unique to the oil and gas extraction industry.

  • Caught-between, caught-in and struck-by dangers are prevalent in this industry because workers are exposed to large numbers of moving parts and working in close-quarters.
  • Drilling is a crucial compondent in excavating oil and gas, and the assembly and disassembly of drill pipes pose serious injury risks.
  • The threats posed by pressures involved in oil and gas excavation could be lethal.
  • Pressure testing is a routine but dangerous task that involves the pressurization of hazardous energy.
  • Chemical exposure is a significant risk, and understanding the magnitude of the risk and how to mitigate it is crucial.
  • Working remotely could expose workers to harsh environments and conditions, and the ability to communicate is essential.
  • Traveling to and from remote drill sites often means navigating off-road conditions that pose crash risks.
  • Explosions and fires are obvious hazards on drill sites that need constant reminding and discussions about mitigating the risks.

Employers must protect workers against injuries and illnesses by addressing known hazards. Safety training is crucial to help employees understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Training sessions can be valuable if workers, supervisors and employers participate in discussions about near-misses, incidents and experiences on the drill sites. Sharing how procedures and processes affect workplace safety can benefit all.

Workers in the Texas oil fields who suffer on-the-job injuries could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, if an independent third-party caused or contributed to the injury, the worker might also have grounds to pursue financial relief by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.