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Winter months can be risky for commercial truck drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

If you live in or travel through an area that gets a lot of precipitation during winter months, your risk for collision increases. As a licensed Texas driver, however, you know that you and all drivers with whom you share the road, are obligated to adhere to state laws and safety regulations to reduce the risk of collisions and personal injury as much as possible.

Have you ever been traveling down a highway when a commercial truck comes barreling up behind you or suddenly (and unsafely) merges into your path? It can be downright terrifying, especially for inexperienced drivers. Commercial vehicle drivers are supposed to receive training and information on how to stay safe while driving in the winter. If a driver disregards safety regulations while in your vicinity, you may be the one who winds up suffering injuries because of it.

Commercial drivers usually fill out pre-travel inspection papers

When you’re sharing the road with commercial truck drivers, you can reasonably expect that they have inspected their vehicles before starting their road trip. Most states require pre-trip inspection of commercial trucks. There are typically also recommendations for commercial truck drivers to inspect their vehicles more often during winter months.

Safety tips for all, not just commercial truck drivers

If you frequently drive during winter months in areas that get a lot of rain or snow, you no doubt understand that inclement weather can affect road conditions. Commercial truck drivers are typically aware of safety tips that can also help non-commercial drivers stay safe. For instance, carrying an extra pair of windshield wiper blades is a good idea in case one of your wipers malfunctions while you’re traveling in rain or snow.

Every time you make a stop, be sure to clear your windows, brake lights and headlights of snow. In addition to this, it’s always best to make sure your mirrors are clear because that helps maintain good visibility, which is crucial to improving safety on the roadways.

Driver negligence makes roadways especially dangerous

If you suffer a personal injury in a motor vehicle collision, then later learn that driver negligence caused the crash, it’s understandable that you’d feel frustrated or angry knowing that the collision was likely preventable.

A commercial truck driver who is speeding, using a hand-held electronic device, or is sleepy or intoxicated at the wheel can place you and all others nearby in immediate danger. Commercial drivers are responsible for learning how to safely operate their vehicles during inclement weather, such as tapping brakes rather than slamming them on, shifting into neutral and steering into a skid to help regain control of a vehicle.

What to do if a commercial truck driver hits you

Sadly, many commercial truck collisions result in fatalities, and merely surviving a collision doesn’t necessarily mean you escaped unscathed. Seeking medical attention is always a top priority following a crash. It’s also important to closely monitor your condition for weeks because injuries are not always immediately apparent.

It’s not uncommon for recovering Texas accident victims to reach out for legal support, particularly when there’s evidence that a commercial truck driver’s negligence was a causal factor in a collision.