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Construction workers often put their lives on the line

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics records indicate that 1,008 construction workers were killed in work-related accidents during 2018. This statistic underscores the dangerous conditions industry workers in Texas and across the country face. Safety authorities identified the top six safety hazards.

Falls are leading cause of workplace deaths on construction sites, whether from elevated work areas or ladders. It has been noted that a significant percentage of these falls occur in smaller construction businesses with fewer than 10 employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates safety standards, and full compliance can prevent falls.

Electrical safety is crucial. Only qualified electricians should be used for work involving exposed and energized parts so as to prevent electrocutions and other serious injuries. Trenching poses several hazards that could kill workers in the blink of an eye. Employers must keep workers safe, and proper safety training is crucial as well as ensuring that all workers comply with safety regulations.

Scaffold-related accidents cause thousands of injuries each year, many of which are fatal. Mitigation of scaffold dangers includes adequate safety training and closely monitored design and construction of the scaffolding structures. Cranes and other heavy earthmoving equipment are linked to a large number of construction site injuries and deaths. Only qualified workers must operate these powerful construction vehicles.

Number six on the list of most dangerous construction site hazards is confined spaces. Strict safety regulations exist for controlling entry into confined spaces. Many of the fatalities in these hazardous areas involved unauthorized access. Even more concerning is the fact that supervisors are often present when these incidents occur.

Victims of construction site accidents in Texas can pursue claims for workers’ compensation benefits. However, it is essential to report the injury to the employer as soon as possible. Leaving it to a later date could jeopardize their chances of receiving benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages.