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Night shifts benefit employers more than employees

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Businesses can gain significant advantages through the use of night shifts. By operating around the clock, they can maximize production and make the best use of their premises.

There are other benefits to carrying out work when most people are sleeping. Undertaking vital repairs at night can reduce disruption to other people and businesses. If working on a project 24 hours a day, it can get it done faster.

You might appreciate that night work allows you to share child care with your partner. Or use it to earn extra income on top of your day job. However, you might not understand the significant dangers that night work brings.

Nightwork can harm your health

Our bodies are designed to function during the day and sleep at night. Going against this inbuilt rhythm has problems. Here are some:

  • Fatigue: If you work nights, you do no get the unbroken sleep you need in the day. Your children may distract you. You might have errands to run that can only be accomplished between 9 to 5. Tiredness makes errors and, therefore, accidents more likely.
  • It is harder to see at night: While artificial lighting may illuminate the immediate area of work, it can leave certain areas in shadow. You could miss dangers you would easily spot during daylight.
  • Stress: It is far easier to feel positive when the sun is shining. Your body and mind may start to feel the strain of the disruption to their natural order.

Remember, night work will affect not only you but everyone you work with, increasing the danger for all. Workplace injuries can leave you needing medical treatment, rehabilitation and time off to recover. Ensure you receive adequate workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an accident at work.