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3 tips for selecting the right doctor for your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Firm News |

We recently published a blog post explaining that you can often choose the doctor who treats your workplace injuries here in Texas. 

Your initial inclination may be to see your family doctor when you suffer an injury in a workplace accident here in San Antonio. You may want to avoid doing so if they have little or no experience treating work injuries in compliance with Texas workers’ compensation laws, though. 

You may, instead, wish to locate a different physician to treat you for your job-related injuries. The following three tips may aid you in refining your search, especially if you don’t want to see the doctor that your employer referred you to. 

Follow company protocol

Find out what treatment protocols your employer requires you to follow as an employee injured on the job. The company that you work for may require you to see an in-network provider if they have a managed care plan in place, for example.

Remember that injury experience counts

Choose a medical provider with experience treating injuries like yours whenever possible. A physician with more experience in treating what ails you may have a more extensive understanding of your treatment options and recovery plan. Their expertise may ensure that you don’t prematurely return to work.

Don’t forget that a doctor’s workers’ comp experience matters

Finding a doctor that understands how workers’ compensation claims work is also ideal. Physicians who regularly see patients under similar circumstances will know how to write injury reports and respond to claim denials.

Steps to take when in doubt about doctor selection

Finding a physician that is right to assess and treat your workplace injury isn’t always easy. A workers’ compensation attorney can determine whether your job role qualifies you to receive workers’ compensation in your injury case. Your lawyer can also advise you of some additional strategies you can employ to identify a doctor to treat you should the need arise.