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Are Amazon drivers making the roads less safe?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

There’s no denying the appeal of Amazon, especially now when there are so many Texas residents relying on shopping online for the goods they normally would shop for in stores or at malls. 

You simply go online, make a few quick clicks, add to cart and, almost magically, your packages appear within days on your doorstep. In the case of Amazon Prime orders, sometimes the packages even arrive the very next day. So, while the appeal is obvious, the risk of these swift deliveries may be less clear.

Amazon drivers are under immense pressure

Earlier this month, Amazon was forced to apologize that their drivers sometimes resorted to urinating in bottles because the time constraints to deliver their packages were too tight to allow for regular bathroom breaks.

All this pressure to meet delivery times and quotas has taken a toll on safety. In fact, BuzzFeed News and ProPublica are conducting ongoing research regarding the accident rates of the company’s drivers. Since June of 2015, Amazon delivery drivers got into more than 60 collisions where at least one individual died or was injured.

Is Amazon shirking responsibility for accidents?

One would think with a company as large and deep-pocketed as Amazon that when there is an unfortunate accident, the injured person or the survivors of the deceased would be sufficiently compensated.

But Amazon has sought to distance itself from the drivers and the accidents they cause. They do this by using subcontractors who are not directly employed by Amazon to deliver their goods. When something inevitably goes wrong, Amazon has in the past taken legal action to avoid liability.

If you get hurt in a wreck with a delivery truck driver

Depending upon the circumstances of your accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries, damages and other losses. An attorney can best help you assert your claim and protect your interests.