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Crushing injuries require urgent medical care

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Many motor vehicle crashes cause serious injuries. One of the possibilities is a crushing injury. This can occur if a body part is pinned between two objects. This is a serious medical issue that must be addressed promptly. Ideally, someone will call emergency medical services to render assistance at the scene. They can focus on stabilizing the victim until they can get them to the emergency room.

What can happen when a body part is crushed?

The damage to the area of the body that’s crushed can cause pain, but it may also lead to more serious conditions. Compartment syndrome, which is caused by the increase in pressure in the injured area, can lead to tissue death in the area if it isn’t treated.

Another possibility is crush syndrome, which damages the covering of muscle fibers. This can lead to swelling in the area. The body’s natural response releases certain toxins that can damage the muscle tissues. Until this condition is treated properly, those toxins can have a negative effect on the tissues.

Are all crushing injuries catastrophic?

It’s possible that a minor crushing injury will only cause localized damaged, such as bruising. This might not require emergency medical care, but it’s still a good idea to get the injured area evaluated to ensure that there aren’t hidden injuries present.

Anyone who’s crushed during a crash with another driver who was negligent can seek compensation for the financial damages they suffer. Compensation can cover things like medical bills and missed wages. Your attorney can evaluate your case to determine what types of damages you might claim.