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Pets can make driving dangerous: Consider a restraining device for safety

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you’ve ever driven with a pet in the vehicle, you know that they could be distracting. A pet that has to use the restroom might go in the vehicle or start whining and barking to get attention. A dog might get car sick, or they may leap around the vehicle while you are in motion. 

While there are plenty of reasons you may need to take your pet with you in your vehicle, you still need to do so safely. There are several options to do so. For example, consider:

  • Using a pet safety seat
  • Using a seat belt harness
  • Crating your pet in the back of the vehicle

All of these options restrain your pet and keep them in place so that they don’t cause a problem while you drive.

Of course, there’s also the fact that a loose animal in your vehicle could be thrown and hurt if you have to stop quickly or get into a crash. For your pet’s sake, it’s worth taking some time to investigate the different kinds of restraints you can use.

What can you do if someone crashes into you because of their pet?

If someone crashes into you because they were distracted by a pet inside their vehicle, you can still hold them accountable for those actions. At the scene, you may want to take a photo if they have a pet in the vehicle, so you can show that there was a risk of them being distracted behind the wheel (especially if the pet isn’t safely restrained). Your attorney can help you seek compensation with this as a point of leverage for your claim.