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Are you at risk because of the fatal four?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

In construction and other industries, there are a few accidents that are more common than others. These injuries are often so severe that they lead to fatalities, which is why these accidents are called the fatal four.

The fatal four include accidents such as falls, being struck by an object, getting caught between objects and electrocution. It is your employer’s responsibility to educate you and your colleagues about these risks and to provide support in mitigating the risk. You and your coworkers are expected to follow safety protocols to help avoid injuries and deaths related to these four major accident types.

Falls in the workplace

Among the fatal four, falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries. These may happen for several reasons, but the top three causes include:

  1. Falling from roofs
  2. Falling to lower levels
  3. Failing to wear a safety harness

The interesting fact is that there are simple prevention tips that could help prevent falls, such as using fall protection equipment or using the right kind of ladder for the job.

Electrocution in the workplace

Electrocutions are the next most common cause of fatalities in the workplace. Electrocution is often caused by coming into contact with energized sources or using improper extension cables.

Struck by object accidents in the workplace

After electrocutions, there are struck by accidents. These happen when a person is struck by a rolling, flying or falling object.

Caught-in/between accidents in the workplace

Finally, there is a risk of being caught-in/between moving machinery or tools. This could happen because of overloading heavy equipment that tips or because of loose clothing that gets caught in the machinery.

In all cases of accidents caused by these fatal four hazards, the simple solution is to wear the right personal protective equipment and to have safety training. Following strict safety protocols on the job helps prevent accidents like these.

Unfortunately, they do still happen. Those who are hurt may be able to seek out compensation through workers’ compensation. Families of victims who have passed away may be able to reach out for compensation as well.