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What are the most common injuries suffered by road construction workers?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

As a road construction worker, you know that many projects get underway in the summer — when Texas is at its hottest, and local motorists as well as tourists are out on the road. This makes for a dangerous time of the year for you and your colleagues.

Work in this industry is inherently dangerous, no matter what month it is.

The potential of someone hitting you

You can put up multiple signs warning of road construction ahead, and motorists will inevitably ignore them. Not even signs noting increased fines will deter motorists from speeding or otherwise driving recklessly in road construction zones.

Motorists often collide with road construction workers because they were driving too fast, didn’t adjust their speed to account for uneven pavement or shifts in lanes and were more consumed with things around them than the task at hand. These driver behaviors and other dangers may put you at risk of getting hurt on the job.

The problem with hot temperatures and roadwork

You don’t need any reminding of how hot it can get during a typical summer day here in Texas (and on unseasonably hot days throughout the year). The combination of heat, asphalt and your hard labor put you at an increased risk of suffering injuries and heat stroke than other individuals who work inside.

Toxic exposure risks

Road construction workers often work around various chemicals. Not only is it potentially harmful to their health to inhale these, but they can cause skin irritations and burns as well.

Heavy machinery dangers

Heavy machines such as rollers, bulldozers and excavators are commonplace on road construction worksites. You risk suffering serious injuries if they malfunction or crush you if they don’t kill you.

What should you do following a workplace injury?

Texas law requires most employers to secure workers’ compensation coverage to cover an employee’s injuries if they get hurt on the job. It’s important that you immediately report your job injury, but no more than 30 days from the date it occurs. You may want to continue perusing the other resources on our website to better understand the workers’ compensation process.