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Injured at work? Here are 2 critical steps you need to take

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Every year, thousands of Americans get hurt in the course of doing their jobs. Some jobs, such as those that involve difficult or repetitive movements tend to be more prone to workplace injuries than others — but many workplace injuries occur in unsafe environments, especially when an employer decides to place profits ahead of employee safety. 

Whether you are injured on the farm or while operating a forklift, it is important that you know what to do to safeguard your rights. Taking the wrong steps can limit (or even eliminate) your chances of getting compensated for your injuries. Here are two things you must do immediately following an injury in the workplace:

Seek medical attention

If your injuries are serious enough to require urgent medical attention, obtaining treatment is a priority. You can check in at the nearest medical facility for treatment.

During the appointment, be sure to give a detailed account of your injuries and how you sustained them. Documentation is key to proving your case. As such, be sure to keep a record of the hospital visitations, treatment costs as well as the days you missed work as a result of your injury.

Report the injury to your employer

As soon as you are able, inform your employer of your injury and how it happened. Besides the verbal report, ensure that you submit a written report so you can have definitive proof of your notification. Do not sit back and wait to see whether your pain goes away or not. Rather, be sure to notify your immediate supervisor so an incident report can be generated with the details of your injury. Again, ensure that you keep copies of your injury notification as well as the incident report. 

If you have been injured at the workplace, there are specific measures you should take immediately to safeguard your rights. It is important that you get off on the right footing if you are to recover full and fair compensation for your damages.