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Risks that are common in manufacturing

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

The manufacturing industry is one that’s filled with hazards. The workers who do these job duties are providing a vital service for the country, so they should be able to count on their employer to provide them with a safe workplace.

The onus falls on the employer to ensure that workers are trained and have the proper safety equipment. It may behoove the employees to understand some of the more common injuries that might occur so they can take steps to avoid them.

Causes of injuries in manufacturing

The single most common cause of injuries in manufacturing is coming into contact with an object. This includes falling objects, as well as contact with components of heavy machinery that can cause crushing or amputation injuries.

Falls, overexertion, and repetitive motion injuries are also possible. Wearing proper safety gear and using appropriate body mechanics are important to prevent these injuries. Some of the safety equipment commonly used in manufacturing include non-slip shoes, vibrant color vests, hard hats, and eye protection.

Workers in this industry may work long hours or swing shifts, so there’s a chance that fatigue will enhance the risks at work. Companies should ensure they’re providing workers with rest periods between shifts to reduce the chance of fatigue.

Any worker who’s injured while doing their job should explore their right to workers’ compensation. This can help them to cover the medical bills related to the injury. Other benefits, such as vocational rehabilitation and partial wage replacement are also possible in some cases. It’s possible that a worker won’t get the benefits they’re due, so having someone on your side who can fight on your behalf is necessary.