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Common oil field hazards

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Oil Field Accidents |

People who work in the oil field have very physically demanding jobs. These come with serious risks. It’s up to the employers to ensure their workers have the safety equipment and guidelines they need. There’s no room for a lax approach to safety. 

There are several hazards that are common in this industry. If these are addressed, the workers might be a bit safer. 

Struck-by/caught-in/caught-between accidents

Incidents that involve a worker being struck by, caught in or caught between equipment lead to three out of five fatal on-site injuries. It’s critical that all workers understand how to safely operate hoists, cranes, derricks, and all other equipment. This includes using a spotter or guide when necessary. 


It’s often necessary for oil field workers to climb up equipment. Falls from heights are very dangerous so workers must understand how to use fall prevention equipment. One of the most important things for them to do is to ensure their harness is secure. Taking their time while they’re working is also important. 


High-pressure lines and compressed gases are common in this industry. These lines and related equipment may erode or weaken. This can lead to explosions, blowouts, and leaks. Using pressure valves and blowout prevention equipment can help to stop these from occurring. Workers should understand how to use and monitor these. 

Anyone in this industry who suffers an injury should ensure they get the medical care they need. This can be a costly endeavor but workers’ compensation coverage should take care of it. Unfortunately, some oil field workers have to fight for the benefits they’re due. Having someone on your side who’s familiar with these cases is beneficial so you can get the appeal handled swiftly.