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Have you suffered burn injuries in an oilfield job?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Oil Field Accidents |

There are a lot of potential hazards when you work in an oilfield. You have to work with heavy machinery, which could malfunction or break. You have to work around other employees who could make mistakes. It can be a very physically demanding job, which just increases your odds of suffering an injury as you work.

One potential issue to keep an eye on is that of an uncontrolled fire. If this happens, you could suffer some serious burn injuries. There have been reports of oil fields catching on fire or contributing to wildfires in the past, and you are certainly working around a lot of highly flammable materials. Even when you try to do so properly, and when you have the right personal protection equipment, accidents and mistakes can happen.

Do burn injuries heal?

How well your burn injuries heal is going to depend on their severity. Minor burns usually heal without leaving a mark. More serious burns may heal so that you’re no longer in pain, but you might be left with permanent scarring. In some cases, burns can be so extensive that they lead to disfigurement and the need for plastic surgery to fix it.

As you can imagine, suffering from serious burns like this is not just painful, but expensive. You may need serious medical care right after the accident, and your ability to earn a living in the future may be altered. If you do have a disfigurement or lasting scarring, it can impact your life in other ways. Make sure you know about all the legal options that you have.