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3 mistakes to avoid after a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

No one plans to go to work and be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, cases of workplace accidents still occur all the time. 

After an accident occurs, you may wonder what to do next. Unfortunately, there are common missteps and mistakes that may harm your ability to recover compensation.  

1. Failing to report the incident

You may think your incident and injury aren’t serious enough to report. Your employer may also encourage workers only to report “serious” injuries. If you don’t report the accident, it can result in serious issues. 

It’s impossible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits without first reporting the incident. Be sure to report the incident as quickly as possible and only include the facts about what happened. Get a copy of the incident report. 

2. Failure to seek medical attention

It’s essential to seek medical attention immediately. Based on the situation, it may be necessary to contact emergency response services. If you don’t seek medical attention immediately, it may hurt your injury claim and make it challenging to receive disability benefits. 

Let your doctor know about prior injuries. Never lie about the severity of your injury or past injuries. 

3. Failing to return to work when you can

If you don’t return to work when your doctor releases you, you may lose the benefits you should receive. For situations where you don’t feel ready to go back to work, even on restricted duty, let your doctor know. 

Protecting your rights to workers’ compensation benefits

If you are injured at work, it’s important to avoid the mistakes mentioned here. This will help you protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Knowing your legal rights will help with this process.