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Even vehicle faults that seem minor can be deadly 

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Car Accidents |

An essential part of road safety is vehicle maintenance. If your vehicle is up to standard in this regard, then it’s going to give you less trouble. 

Often, drivers focus on the essentials such as the tires, brakes and engine. While these are crucial, it’s important not to overlook other aspects. What at first seems like a minor fault could actually turn out to be dangerous. Outlined below are a few examples. 

Cracks in the mirrors or windshield

You were driving along the highway minding your own business when you suddenly heard a cracking noise. At first, you didn’t know what it was but it later turned out to be a crack in the windshield. This must have been caused by a stone or a small piece of debris that flew up from the road. 

It may be tempting to just continue driving and repair the window at a later date. But, the crack is likely to get bigger and it will also be a source of distraction. Having a pristine windshield is very important for road safety as this is the lens that you do most of your viewing through. 

The same principle applies to your rearview and side mirrors. These instruments tell you what is to the side of your vehicle or behind you. In most situations, you’re only going to have a matter of seconds to make accurate judgments. A faulty or broken mirror could mean that you miss something. 

Even if you think a fault is minor, it’s in your best interests to get it repaired.  Of course, you can only monitor your own vehicle and not those of other road users. If someone else’s lack approach to safety has caused you serious injuries in an accident, make sure you look into your legal options