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3 driver distractions that can lead to an accident 

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car crashes in the U.S. In fact, CDC reports that distracted driving claims upwards of 3,000 lives every year. It also leads to over 420,000 injuries each year. 

If you are involved in a car wreck that is attributable to another driver’s distraction, you may be eligible for financial restitution for the resulting economic and non-economic damages. But first, you need to understand what amounts to driver distraction. 

So what is distracted driving?

Driving requires a great deal of focus and situational awareness. Any activity that takes a driver’s attention off the driving task amounts to distraction. 

Driver distraction falls into three categories: visual distractions (activities that take the driver’s eyes off the road), cognitive distraction (activities that take the driver’s mind off the road) and manual distraction (activities that take the driver’s hands off the wheel). These types of distractions can increase the likelihood of the following:

  • A driver swerving out of their lane into oncoming traffic
  • A driver failing to take note of the traffic signs like the red light
  • A driver tailgating and causing rear-end collisions
  • A driver failing to yield way to a pedestrian at the crosswalk

Driver distraction can lead to serious accidents. Besides cellphone use, here are driver distractions that can lead to an accident:

  • Grooming or applying makeup
  • Tuning the radio
  • Drinking or eating while driving
  • Daydreaming
  • Interacting with passengers or attending to children

When you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver, what do you do?

If you are hurt in a car accident due to another driver’s distraction, it is in your best interests that you explore your legal rights so you can pursue the compensation you deserve.