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Common hazards for oil rig workers

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Oil Field Accidents |

Oil rig workers face dangers on each shift. Their employers have a duty to ensure the environment is as safe as possible. 

Understanding some of the more common hazards these workers face can help these hardworking individuals to remain a bit safer while they’re doing their job duties. 

Chemical risks

Combustible gases, flammable liquids and drilling operations can lead to explosions and fires, putting workers at significant risk. Workers may be exposed to hazardous chemicals like drilling fluids which can cause skin and eye irritation, respiratory issues and other health problems. Oil rig workers often work in confined spaces which can lead to limited mobility and increased risk of accidents as well as a lack of oxygen or exposure to toxic gases.

Slip, trip and fall hazards

Workers are often required to work at heights on oil rigs which increases the risk of falling from platforms, ladders or other elevated structures. Oil and drilling mud can create slippery surfaces leading to slips, trips and falls. Uneven or poorly maintained surfaces can also contribute to this hazard.

Equipment dangers

High-pressure lines and equipment such as drilling mud pumps pose a risk of rupture which can cause catastrophic injuries. Heavy equipment and transportation vehicles can pose a risk to workers if not operated safely. Accidents involving vehicles can result in serious injury or death.

Long work hours, shift work and physically demanding tasks can lead to worker fatigue which may increase the risk of accidents and other health issues. Oil rig workers who suffer work-related injuries should ensure they get proper medical care and learn about the benefits they’re due because of the incident.