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What should I do after a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Getting into a car accident can be startling — to say the least. You may not know what to do next. You likely have a lot of thoughts racing through your head and may even be injured.

The first thing you should do is take a deep breath. Once you’ve calmed down some, you should consider doing the following after an auto accident:

Look for injuries

Many people suffer injuries in car accidents. Some of these injuries are more noticeable than others, such as cuts, bruises, broken bones or bleeding. If you’re not seriously injured, you may want to check on the other driver and any passengers for injuries. 

Contact the police

Next, you’re legally required to call the police after an auto accident. The police can help you by making a report that will go to your insurance company. Your insurance company will then review the report and help compensate you for your injuries and losses.

Get a medical evaluation

Furthermore, you should seek medical attention. You should do this even if you don’t think you’re injured. You may have sustained injuries that you aren’t aware of. For example, adrenaline can mask the pain from injuries. A medical report can also help you seek compensation, especially if you start to suffer pain shortly after an accident.

Gather evidence

Another thing you can do to help yourself and your insurance company is to gather evidence of the accident. You may need to take pictures of the crash site and any damages to your vehicle. You could even get information from the other driver and any eyewitnesses.

Reach out for legal help

Many people don’t get the compensation they deserve after an accident. You may need to consider reaching out for legal help if you’re suffering from injuries and vehicle damages after an auto accident.