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Visual communication and other steps for oilfield workers' safety

Drill rigs, oil wells, and other machinery and equipment used in the oil fields are all part of the Texas landscape. The gas and oil extraction industry is the source of income for many Texas families, and if this is how you earn your living, your family may live in some amount of fear of losing you in a workplace accident. This is because working in the oil fields is one of the most hazardous occupations with the highest risks of injuries and deaths nationwide.

What threatens your health in the oil and gas industry?

A primary industry here in Texas that employs numerous residents is the oil and gas industry. If you work in the industry, you know that it has its rewards and its risks. Even if you and your employer take all of the necessary safety precautions for the obvious hazards you face each day, you may not be aware of other, less obvious dangers.

What is the answer to fighting the problem of distracted driving?

Texas readers know that distracted driving is a serious problem and threat to individuals in the state and beyond. The issue does not seem to be diminishing, but getting worse as there are more things to distract drivers than ever before. Some experts studying this problem believe that technological advances could be the key to reducing the number of distraction-related deaths.

The oil and gas industry scores high for injuries

Do you earn a living in a Texas oil field? If so, no one needs to tell you how dangerous such work can be. You may have also noticed, however, that the media and data published in the industry often understates the danger and lists injury statistics as lower than they may be in reality. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's data seems to more accurately reflect the number of serious injuries oil-field workers suffer annually throughout the nation.

What will you be able to recover from a car accident?

Car accidents vary in the types of consequences and impact they can have on Texas victims. While some people are able to recover and rebuild rather quickly, that may not be the case for you. In fact, it could be quite difficult for you to pick up the pieces and move forward after an accident.

How to deal with the threats of fire on the Texas oil fields

If you are making a living on the Texas oil fields, you will be only too aware of the dangers of your job. Working on and around drilling rigs and other heavy equipment poses multiple safety hazards and a constant risk of severe injuries or even death. Challenging working conditions, defective equipment or negligence of co-workers or supervisors could leave you suffering the consequences of a workplace accident and mounting medical bills.

The long recovery from a limb amputation

You will likely never forget the accident and the horrifying results. Whether the amputation occurred at the scene of the incident or the extensive injuries gave doctors no choice but to surgically remove the limb, you are undoubtedly struggling with many emotions and fears about your future.

Who should pay for your commercial vehicle accident?

Commercial vehicles are a crucial part of the American and Texas economies. Trucks and other large vehicles transport goods across the country, but in addition to the important role they play, truckers and commercial drivers have a special responsibility as well. These drivers are particularly responsible for driving safely around smaller, more vulnerable vehicles.

Is your work-related back pain a cause for concern?

As someone who works in the Texas oil drilling industry, you likely find your job fast-paced and exciting. You may enjoy the feeling of tiredness after a hard day's work, and you may also feel a sense of pride in the work that you accomplish. Though your job may seem fulfilling, you likely understand that it also poses considerable safety risks.

A crush injury on the oilfield can crush your financial stability

An emergency room physician in Texas who served in Iraq as a U.S. Army major says the work he does in peacetime prepared him for war. He deals with countless injuries -- some of which follow car crashes and accidents on construction sites. However, he says that regardless of whether the oil industry is booming or in a downturn, crush injuries among oil field workers are always prevalent.

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