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Why should all truckers use dash-cams?

Advancing technology can make America's roads and highways much safer to travel. Technology like dash-cams can also be used to monitor behaviors and identify fault in the event a crash does occur. As a result, commercial truckers are encouraged to outfit their vehicles with dash-cams and ensure they're operating at all times. American Trucker explains a few of the many benefits of having an active dash-cam in a commercial vehicle.

What are the dangers of drowsy driving?

Truckers in Texas usually log long hours on the road. While regulations are in place mandating how much rest truckers should get between hauls, many companies and even truckers themselves fail to follow safe practices. This leads to drowsy driving, which is a real concern among all motorists according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Who is liable for fatal truck accidents?

A recent crash involving an out-of-control semi-truck that killed four and injured others is a reminder of how dangerous large trucks can be. If you live in Texas, you may wonder who is liable for an accident of that magnitude. It may be the driver, the trucking company or both, considering the factors involved.

What must employers do to protect you from drunk truck drivers?

If you have ever taken an extended drive, then you know just how taxing spending hours behind the wheel can be. For this reason, you may be inclined to be compassionate towards the truck driver that caused your accident in San Antonio. Yet those feelings of empathy can quickly turn to anger if you discover that the driver was engaged in reckless activity. Perhaps no activity is more reckless than drinking and driving, and you might certainly think that a truck driver would know better than to endanger themselves and others in such a way. By extension, you might also wonder what responsible company would allow such a driver behind the wheel of a massive vehicle like a semi-truck. 

Vicarious liability in truck accidents

Liability claims are all about assigning who is to blame. In the case of truck accidents in San Antonio, that may seem fairly obvious: the truck driver. Yet given that driving their semi-trucks and tractor-trailers is a function of truckers' employment, one then might ask if the companies that employ them might be responsible, as well. In some cases, this may be a moot point, as some truckers operate as independent contractors who contract with motor carriers. Yet in those cases where a driver is employed by a carrier, the question should be asked in the wake of a collision

How many hours can a trucker drive in one day?

Hours of service refers to how long a trucker has been on the road, and regulations are in place to prevent tired and fatigued truckers from getting behind the wheel. Operating a large commercial vehicle is no easy feat, and when a trucker is pushed to his or her limit the chance of an accident increases greatly. The Federal Motor Carrier Association explains hours of service regulations, which are crucial to keep everyone on Texas highways safe.

Accident reconstructionists can determine liability

With an increasing number of vehicles on the roadways, minor automobile accidents are common in Texas. However, when a tractor-trailer is in a crash, there are often multiple cars affected. At The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C., we often represent clients injured in accidents as the result of big rig driver negligence.

How can I safely drive with commercial trucks?

Motorists in Texas may find themselves driving alongside large commercial vehicles quite frequently. Knowing how to share the road with large trucks and buses is crucial in this case. While it’s up to truck drivers to operate their vehicles safely, drivers of passenger vehicles must also take the proper precautions. That’s why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers the following tips.

How can truckers prevent distracted driving?

When spending a lot of time behind the wheel, as commercial truck drivers often do, driving distractions can be even more of a concern. While there are laws in place in Texas that prohibit things like texting and driving, truck drivers and the companies they work for should also take steps to prevent these potentially deadly behaviors. American Trucker offers the following tips in this case, which strive to keep all motorists safe when sharing the road.

Why proper brake maintenance is crucial for truckers

Due to the enormous heft of commercial trucks, having a reliable braking system is of the utmost importance. When brakes fail truckers are unable to sufficiently stop their vehicles, which can lead to serious injury as well as loss of life. That’s why proper brake maintenance is so important, both for Texas truckers as well as other motorists.

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