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What are the Fatal Four?

While statistics show that work in the construction industry consistently ranks among the most dangerous professions, and a practitioner of it you may not recognize the dangers. Yes, there are inherent risks with such work, yet your skills and experience can often help to mitigate them. Your employer in San Antonio is also tasked with ensuring that you and your co-workers are protected from any on-the-job dangers. Given that a majority of construction accidents are contributed to only a handful of causes, a failure by your company to protect you from them can certainly be seen as negligence. 

How to get back to work after an injury

If you have been unable to work due to a disability and you feel you are ready to get back into the workforce, there are helpful programs to help prepare you. If you live in Texas and are receiving social security disability benefits, you can take advantage of the Ticket to Work Program.

What is a repetitive stress injury?

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) can affect workers in many different industries and professions. Even seemingly safe professions like office work entail a risk of these types of injuries, which can become debilitating over time. Healthline offers the following information so you can take the proper steps to get the treatment you need if you suffer from RSI.

What are work-related emotional injuries?

When the topic of workplace injuries comes up, most people would think about physical injuries, such as a concussion from falling off a ladder or broken bones from getting one’s hand caught in machinery. You and other Texas residents might not realize that many types of emotional injuries can be just as devastating as physical ones, including impacting your ability to do your job.

What should I know about spinal cord injuries?

If you’ve recently sustained a spine injury at your place of work, you may have a long road ahead of you. Spine injuries can have very serious consequences and may even impact your ability to earn a living in the future. Knowing what to expect will help you make the most of the recovery process, which is why the following information provided by is so important.

What should go into a fire safety plan?

Texas office workers must be protected by their employers at all costs. One aspect of this is create a solid fire safety plan to ensure all personnel knows the proper procedures in the event of a legitimate emergency. While plans are bound to differ from workplace to workplace, Travelers offers a few tips on what should be included in most plans.

What if an injury prevents you from working?

Employees in Texas who are injured on the job have a number of concerns, and the top of the list usually relates to paying bills, especially if is an injury that prevents them from working for a long time. To help out those who have a disability due to a workplace injury, the government has a social security program that can help for a certain amount of time. 

How Can I Prevent Blindness at My Place of Work?

In some Texas workplaces the risk of eye injuries is severe, especially manufacturing and machining plants. Not only can an eye injury impact a worker’s ability to earn a living, it can also result in permanent vision loss in some cases. Accordingly, it’s important for employers to take steps to prevent eye injuries, and offers tips on how you can do just that.

Fracking poses danger of benzene exposure

Fracking in Texas may be at the heart of an increased number of earthquakes over the past decade, but that’s not the only danger of this relatively new form of oil extraction. For workers in the oil and gas industry, benzene exposure poses a health risk whose long-term effects are serious and may even be deadly.

Workplace accidents and traumatic brain damage

Work injuries are common in many different industries in Texas and throughout the U.S. One of the most prevalent workplace injuries involves traumatic brain damage, which can cause permanent damage in some cases. Traumatic brain injuries occur when workers are hit by falling objects, fall from a height or are smashed by a piece of equipment. Any type of sharp blow to the head may cause the soft tissue of the brain to hit against the hard bone of the skull, causing bleeding, bruising and inflammation. While some people show instant symptoms of brain damage, other cases may take days or even weeks to present themselves.

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