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What can I do to avoid a car accident?

How would your driving ability rank when compared to other motorists? Chances are you take the proper precautions to maintain a safe speed, follow traffic laws, and remain kind and courteous to others. Doing so is a must to prevent accidents, which can cause injury, property damage, and even legal issues. The Balance explains the proper steps to take to avoid accidents and ensure a safe experience for all involved. 

High blood pressure after a car crash

Auto accident victims may suffer various consequences following a wreck, from debilitating pain due to a back injury to complications related to surgery, financial matters, losing the ability to keep working and emotional hardships. However, some auto accident consequences, such as brain damage and high blood pressure, can be more difficult to identify. People may develop high blood pressure as a result of a motor vehicle collision for many different reasons, and it is imperative to handle this health concern with care.

Which factors increase car accident risk for teens?

While teen drivers are excited to get behind the wheel, parents often experience conflicting emotions when their children finally get their license. The fact is, younger drivers face a myriad of risks when on the road, and many of these risks increase the chance that an accident will occur. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services explains risks that impact teens so parents ensure their kids will make smart decisions when driving. 

Fully automated commercial vehicles and the risk of a crash

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about fully automated vehicles. While many people think of self-driving cars and the benefits (as well as the potential risks) that this technology may present for individual drivers, there are other ways in which this technology may be applied. For example, it is likely that there will be an increasing number of fully automated commercial vehicles on the road in the coming years. While this may offer an opportunity for companies to save money (and lead to the loss of many jobs in certain fields), there are a number of potential areas of concern.

How can I stay safe on road trips when driving with kids?

A family road trip is a great way to bond with your children while also seeing the sights. The presence of kids during a road trip does complicate matters quite a bit, and it's up to parents to take the proper precautions to ensure the whole family remains safe. In this case, Parents Magazine offers the following advice.

Heavy rain and the risk of a motorcycle accident

On the road, motorcyclists may encounter a number of hazards. Sometimes, these risk factors are the result of a driver’s negligence, such as a large truck driver going too fast or operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, some hazards are a result of poor weather, such as heavy rainfall. Rain can be very dangerous for a number of reasons, since it may not only lead to slick road conditions but may impact visibility as well. Moreover, rain can hit unexpectedly, which may be problematic for motorcyclists who go on long rides to other parts of the state.

How can I avoid altercations on the road?

Road rage is the scourge of Texas drivers, especially in high-pressure situations. Even if you try your best to keep a calm demeanor behind the wheel, you might still run into an aggressive driver with a bone to pick. In this case, taking steps to diffuse the situation is a must. Esurance explains what you can do if you encounter an aggressive driver. 

Odessa collision leaves one dead, two injured

When people in San Antonio hear that action is being taken against one who caused a car accident, it may be easy to assume that those bringing such action are simply doing so out of a sense of vindictiveness. The thought may be that no legal action can reverse what is done, so why would people even pursue it? Yet in reality, the plaintiffs in personal injury cases (in which car accidents are included) are typically not trying to punish those that caused their accidents. Rather, they may need the compensation that can come from such action to handle the losses that they suffered. 

Study: Hands-free cellphones cause driver distraction

If you are like many other Americans, you may use a hands-free cellphone to minimize distraction and continue to keep up with friends and business. You may be surprised to learn, however, that even hands-free cellphones are not safe to use while behind the wheel. Hands-free cellphones are a significant source of cognitive distraction and can cause serious car accidents. According to the National Safety Council, the human brain is incapable of fully concentrating on two complex tasks at the same time. Instead, the mind bounces back and forth between one task and the other, which leaves instances where you may not focus on driving at all. These moments can have disastrous consequences.

Is there a difference between autonomous and automated vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are in the news a lot these days, for both positive and negative reasons. While many people tout them as the safer alternative thanks to claims they do away with driver errors, others are concerned about their safety and who bears responsibility in the event of the crash. In order to navigate these issues, Autotrader urges motorists to know the difference between automated and autonomous vehicles.

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