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What occupational dangers do oil field workers face?

A report published by The Center for Public Integrity in December 2018 highlighted how at least 1,566 oil field workers died on the job between 2008 and 2017. In case you're wondering what resulted in their deaths, you need only to look as far as the more than 10,873 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations that have been filed against companies involved in this industry. Many have horrible safety records.

What are some occupational dangers that oil and gas workers face?

There are many professions out there that are inherently dangerous. Oil and gas extraction jobs are two of the more notable ones. There are many different hazards that workers in this industry have to contend with if they want to keep from getting hurt or losing their life.

What should I know about flash fires?

Within the oil and gas industry, the risk of a flash fire is quite high. Flash fires occur when flammable chemicals within the air suddenly ignite, which can lead to severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. While it's up to the management of an oilfield to do all they can to prevent flash fires from occurring, workers should also keep the following points in mind.

What are some common oilfield accidents?

The oil industry is inherently dangerous in Texas. You work with flammable fluids and gases. There is no getting around the natural dangers that come as part of the job. Your employer must do certain things to make your job as safe as possible. You also have to follow protocols and procedures designed to keep you safe as well. Despite all of this, accidents do still happen.

Understanding oil rig blowouts

Oil rig blowouts occur all too frequently in Texas, and when they do, the result can be catastrophic, both in terms of human death and injury and in property damage. The State of Texas reports that 37 blowouts occurred during the past three years: 21 in 2016, 14 in 2017 and two so far this year.

The dangers fracking workers face

At the Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, PC, in Texas, we are proud of the fact that the U.S. once again is the world’s top oil and gas producer. We know, however, that if you work at an oil field that uses fracking as one of its extraction methodologies, your job could subject you to long-term health risks.

Detailing maintenance and cure benefits

Working on an oil rig off the coast of Texas is undoubtedly exciting, which is likely one of the reasons you were drawn to such a career. However, it also presents a number of inherent risks, which is why drilling and excavation ranks among the most dangerous industries. Those who work in the same environment as you often come to us here at The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C. after having been involved in workplace accidents expecting their expenses to be covered by traditional workers' compensation. Depending on the circumstances of such accidents, assistance may actually come from a different source. 

Understanding maintenance and cure

With all of the oil derricks that can be seen throughout the state of Texas, it is easy to forget that a large portion of the state's drilling work (and the country's, for that matter) happens offshore. Working out on the open water on a drilling platform can present a number of risks, which is why such work routinely ranks amongst the most dangerous professions. If and when an accident happens on a rig (or during the course of traveling to or from one), workers are protected under maritime laws rather than those regulating traditional workers' compensation benefits. These laws entitle injured workers to maintenance and cure. 

The underlying issue within oil field accidents

The oil industry is crucial in today's world, but especially in Texas; after all, thousands of workers in the state make a living from natural gas and oil work. However, this industry also contains its fair share of dangers, including grueling hours, long commutes and work involving heavy equipment. These risks all follow the actual process of the job itself: the removal of hydrocarbons from the earth can create unsafe working conditions. With these extreme circumstances, protecting workers should remain a top priority, but accidents can nevertheless occur. 

The outlook for worker recruiting in the oil industry

Today's advanced technology has made countless jobs in Texas simpler, faster and safer. As a result, some industries have become less of a hazard to workers than in previous years. The oil industry, however, remains one of the most dangerous jobs for many reasons. Despite the plethora of jobs oil work has created, could it face challenges in acquiring workers down the road?  

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