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Fatigued trucking can lead to serious crashes

Truckers do a major service to this country, but they must ensure that they're being safe while they're doing it. One thing that they need to be careful about is driving when they become fatigued. In most cases, truckers are subjected to the Hours of Service regulations, which limit them to being able to drive no more than 11 hours total before taking at least 10 hours off to rest. There are times when these regulations are relaxed, so truckers might choose to drive more.

Bill may open up interstate travel to truckers under 21

Truck drivers in Texas probably know how the state only allows them to travel interstate if they are 21 or older. A bipartisan bill introduced in February 2019 and called the DRIVE-Safe Act may alter this. It proposes to let truckers aged 18 to 20 travel interstate after a probationary period where they complete 400 driving hours. At least 240 of those hours are to be accompanied with another CDL holder who is 21 or older.

CMV drivers can avoid drowsiness with these 6 tips

Drowsiness and driving a commercial motor vehicle, especially a big rig, do not go well together. However, truckers in Texas and across the U.S. have the ability to avoid drowsiness behind the wheel. The following six tips can help prevent major fatigue.

Why truckers must have sleep apnea treated

Drivers in Texas have good reason to fear being around truckers because a significant number of them suffer from sleep apnea. Though this sleep disorder affects only 4% of the general population, it's estimated that 35% of truckers have it. Obstructive sleep apnea, the most widespread among truckers, can have an especially negative impact on behavior.

The dangers caused by jackknifed trucks

It is not uncommon to see a jackknifed truck on Texas roads. Jackknifing can be dangerous for the trucker and other motorists on the freeway. Jackknifing is not inevitable. When truckers follow a few safety procedures, they may avoid jackknifing, even in dangerous situations.

Big rigs pose big risks

Tractor-trailer, semi-truck, big rig or whatever other names these vehicles are known by -- it's hard to ignore them. Anyone who drives on the highways of Texas or anywhere throughout the country can't help but notice the literal fleet of large cargo trucks that are ever-present. While it would be difficult to make the claim that big rigs are inherently dangerous, their sheer size and mass create the very real possibility that any confrontation with a passenger car will result in significant damage and injuries. Reducing the number of truck accidents begins with an understanding of the primary causes.

Assigning liability for speeding truck drivers

If you are in business, then you know that the pressure to please your clients in San Antonio is ever-present. Thus, you may be willing to do whatever you can to meet (or even exceed) their expectations, even to the point of straining the resources available to you. Commercial freight carriers also experience this pressure. Their customer satisfaction is typically gauged by how quickly their drivers can complete their delivery routes. Due to the demand to make deliveries in a timely manner, carriers may enforce route times. Unfortunately, we here at The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C. have seen the unintended consequences of such enforcement. 

Why should all truckers use dash-cams?

Advancing technology can make America's roads and highways much safer to travel. Technology like dash-cams can also be used to monitor behaviors and identify fault in the event a crash does occur. As a result, commercial truckers are encouraged to outfit their vehicles with dash-cams and ensure they're operating at all times. American Trucker explains a few of the many benefits of having an active dash-cam in a commercial vehicle.

What are the dangers of drowsy driving?

Truckers in Texas usually log long hours on the road. While regulations are in place mandating how much rest truckers should get between hauls, many companies and even truckers themselves fail to follow safe practices. This leads to drowsy driving, which is a real concern among all motorists according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Who is liable for fatal truck accidents?

A recent crash involving an out-of-control semi-truck that killed four and injured others is a reminder of how dangerous large trucks can be. If you live in Texas, you may wonder who is liable for an accident of that magnitude. It may be the driver, the trucking company or both, considering the factors involved.

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