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How can I safely drive with commercial trucks?

Motorists in Texas may find themselves driving alongside large commercial vehicles quite frequently. Knowing how to share the road with large trucks and buses is crucial in this case. While it’s up to truck drivers to operate their vehicles safely, drivers of passenger vehicles must also take the proper precautions. That’s why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers the following tips.

How can truckers prevent distracted driving?

When spending a lot of time behind the wheel, as commercial truck drivers often do, driving distractions can be even more of a concern. While there are laws in place in Texas that prohibit things like texting and driving, truck drivers and the companies they work for should also take steps to prevent these potentially deadly behaviors. American Trucker offers the following tips in this case, which strive to keep all motorists safe when sharing the road.

Why proper brake maintenance is crucial for truckers

Due to the enormous heft of commercial trucks, having a reliable braking system is of the utmost importance. When brakes fail truckers are unable to sufficiently stop their vehicles, which can lead to serious injury as well as loss of life. That’s why proper brake maintenance is so important, both for Texas truckers as well as other motorists.

Collision between bus and semi produces catastrophic results

One might think of a car traveling down the road in San Antonio as a complex system of components that all need to work in concert in order to both function properly and keep its occupants safe. If that is the case with a car, one might imagine how much more complex the proper operation of a semi-truck or tractor-trailer must be. A failure of any of the components needed to for such a vehicle to function can often produce catastrophic results and create a nightmarish scenario for other drivers on the road. 

How truck drivers can prevent fatigue

If you’ve ever shared the highway with a Texas truck driver, you know that driving skill is an integral part of this profession. Truck drivers must also take steps prevent fatigue from setting in, which in some cases can be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. highlights the dangers of driving while fatigued, while also offering insight into how truckers can prevent serious accident from occurring.

Poor weather and large truck crashes

A number of factors may cause a large truck collision, whether a trucker is suffering from fatigue or has consumed drugs or alcohol behind the wheel. For other drivers, these examples of negligent behavior are very concerning and can result in a fatal crash. However, there are many other reasons why people continue to pass away and sustain major injuries in truck accidents, some of which may be out of a truck driver's control. For example, poor weather has played a role in many traffic accidents and large trucks can be especially dangerous when ice or snow is present on the road, among other hazards such as heavy rain and strong wind.

How to reduce accidents with large trucks

Drivers in Texas need to share the road with large trucks of all kinds. Accidents involving cars and trucks can be disastrous because of the size of the larger vehicles. Drivers of cars should be aware of the additional hazards and drive defensively when in the vicinity of trucks to reduce the number of severe crashes.

Two Magnolia men killed in truck accident

There may be those rare times where different forms of liability may come into play in a single case in San Antonio. An example may be where one is killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing functions related to his or her job. While most would describe what happened in a situation as this as being a car accident, one career-related connection to the crash cannot be overlooked (this making it a workers' compensation case). Accident victims and their families may care little about who is ultimately responsible to cover the costs. Yet understanding which benefit provider would be primary in a complex case such as this may end up saving one from having to endure a good deal of stress and aggravation. 

Detailing hours of service regulations for truckers

If you are like most in San Antonio, then there has probably been a time or two when, after a long day at work or hectic night at home, you have felt a little drowsy behind the wheel. When you are driving tired, your reaction times can slow almost to the point of you being considered impaired. Maintaining control of your vehicle can be extremely difficult in such situations. Yet if it is difficult for you, imagine how much more it may for one driving an enormous semi-truck. Many of the clients that we here at The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C. have worked with have had to learn firsthand just how dangerous drowsy truck drivers can be. 

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