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How can I avoid altercations on the road?

Road rage is the scourge of Texas drivers, especially in high-pressure situations. Even if you try your best to keep a calm demeanor behind the wheel, you might still run into an aggressive driver with a bone to pick. In this case, taking steps to diffuse the situation is a must. Esurance explains what you can do if you encounter an aggressive driver. 

Odessa collision leaves one dead, two injured

When people in San Antonio hear that action is being taken against one who caused a car accident, it may be easy to assume that those bringing such action are simply doing so out of a sense of vindictiveness. The thought may be that no legal action can reverse what is done, so why would people even pursue it? Yet in reality, the plaintiffs in personal injury cases (in which car accidents are included) are typically not trying to punish those that caused their accidents. Rather, they may need the compensation that can come from such action to handle the losses that they suffered. 

Study: Hands-free cellphones cause driver distraction

If you are like many other Americans, you may use a hands-free cellphone to minimize distraction and continue to keep up with friends and business. You may be surprised to learn, however, that even hands-free cellphones are not safe to use while behind the wheel. Hands-free cellphones are a significant source of cognitive distraction and can cause serious car accidents. According to the National Safety Council, the human brain is incapable of fully concentrating on two complex tasks at the same time. Instead, the mind bounces back and forth between one task and the other, which leaves instances where you may not focus on driving at all. These moments can have disastrous consequences.

Is there a difference between autonomous and automated vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are in the news a lot these days, for both positive and negative reasons. While many people tout them as the safer alternative thanks to claims they do away with driver errors, others are concerned about their safety and who bears responsibility in the event of the crash. In order to navigate these issues, Autotrader urges motorists to know the difference between automated and autonomous vehicles.

The fatal dangers of aggressive driving

Texas highways and roadways can become quite congested, especially during peak rush hours of the day. Drivers are often forced to wait in traffic, and as a result, may become agitated and impatient. Whether they are rushing home from work or are running late to an important work meeting, drivers would like to get to their destination as quickly as possible. It is no surprise that more than 80 percent of motorists in Texas and across the country admit to driving aggressively. Aggressive driving, or road rage, is a contributing factor to at least 56 percent of fatal car accidents in the country, according to AAA.

Who is liable when an autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash?

Motorists in Texas must take the safety of themselves and other drivers very seriously. However, with the emergence of autonomous vehicles, which are becoming more and more common on the road, many drivers question just what will occur if they’re involved in an accident with one of these cars. While this area of the law is still largely undecided, Insurance Journal looks at some of the factors that may influence liability.

Can a car accident cause PTSD?

Being involved in a serious car accident can cause significant physical damage. Car accidents can also increase your risk of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a condition that affects you mentally and emotionally. Very Well Mind explains the link between PTSD and car accidents, and how you can get help if you’re experiencing any symptoms.

Tips on highway driving

When traveling during the holiday season, highway driving is likely to occur. That’s why it’s important for motorists in Texas to take the proper steps to preserve safety while traveling on the highway, both for themselves and others. Highway driving can be challenging no matter your skill level, but with the right preparation, you may be able to prevent a serious accident.

Collision near Edgewood kills three

Many motorists in San Antonio may rest comfortably knowing that if there are any dangers on the road, they are not contributing to them. Nearly everyone relies on some form of transportation; thus, driving cannot be avoided altogether. Defensive driving and cooperation on the part of those traveling on the road can help to reduce the risk of collision, yet the threat posed by reckless drivers can never completely be eliminated. Sadly, it only takes a moment of recklessness on the road to cause an accident that produced devastating consequences. 

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