Helping You Understand The Benefits You Are Entitled To

Many people are familiar with the concept of workers’ compensation but are unfamiliar with what specific benefits are provided to injured workers. At The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C., we dedicate our practice to helping people learn about their rights and obtaining the maximum benefits they are entitled to receive.

Income Benefits

Commonly referred to as wage loss benefits, income benefits consist of a percentage of your income. You will be paid this percentage while you are unable to work as a result of a work-related injury. Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may be eligible for one of the following forms of income benefits:

  • Temporary income benefits
  • Impairment income benefits
  • Supplemental income benefits
  • Lifetime income benefits

Our attorneys will examine your situation to determine what you are entitled to, and will be your strongest advocate in making sure you get it.

Medical Benefits

Financial benefits are important while you are unable to work, but no amount of money is more important than your good health. If you have been injured at work, you will be eligible for medical benefits to cover your doctor bills and rehabilitation costs.

Burial And Death Benefits

Sadly, some workers perish in workplace accidents, leaving their families behind to pick up the pieces. Families who have lost a loved one are afforded workers’ compensation benefits to cover the workers’ funeral expenses as well as a portion of the worker’s income.

In addition to workers’ compensation claims for the families of deceased workers, we can also assist with any third-party personal injury claims and the probate of estates as part of wrongful death cases.

We Will Fight To Maximize Your Benefits

When you begin pursuing workers’ compensation benefits can have an impact on the amount you receive in the end. Contact us today for a no-risk consultation. Our workers’ compensation benefits lawyers serve injured workers and families in San Antonio, Odessa, Lubbock, Abilene and surrounding Texas communities.

We only collect attorney fees if we are able to recover compensation for you, so there is no risk in protecting your rights and securing representation from our experienced lawyers.

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