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Terrorist attacks less of a risk than workplace accidents

In today's society, people all over the world live in fear of terrorist attacks. However, the statistics clearly demonstrate that the real danger lies more in regular day-to-day activities in Texas and around the rest of the country. According to the Huffington Post, thousands more Americans die each year due toaccidents in the workplacecompared to terrorist attacks.

Can you sue a landlord for injuries if they were caused by disrepair?

All too often, landlords fail to make necessary repairs or maintenance on the property. When they fail to do so, they put both their tenants and their tenants guests at risk. People who are injured on rental property often have legal rights for seeking compensation from the landlord of that property.

Are hands-free devices safe to use while driving?

San Antonio recently joined the ranks of cities that have hands-free laws in place to enhance the safety of roads. As such, you may feel as though using your Bluetooth speaker or other hands-free device makes you a safer driver, as well as one complying to the law. However, hands-free devices might be more dangerous than you think.

Do big rig drivers spend too much time on the road?

You might be aware that truck driver fatigue can increase the risk of accidents in Texas and around the country, but there is contention as to when the number of hours leads to dangerous levels of fatigue. According to the New York Times, 1 in 7 of the 30,000 annual deaths resulting from highway accidents are due to crashes that involve large trucks. Not all of these accidents can be related to trucker fatigue, but it is one of the major risk factors--and one area that can potentially be prevented.

Oil field injury numbers are high - always report an injury immediately

In 2014 alone, 75 workers died while working at oil and mining jobs in Texas. As high as this number is, there is great concern that this number is even unreported. Workers could be suffering injuries and conditions caused by the job that start a more gradual decline that ends in death.

Workers' compensation for mental health disorders caused by work

There are many different types of injuries that can occur at work for which an employee can file for workers' compensation in Texas and around the country. One area that has become more widely discussed in connection to on-the-job injury and subsequent workers' compensation claims is mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression or posttraumatic stress disorder, that are connected to chronic workplace stress.

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