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Freeway collision in Fort Worth results in couple’s death

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Car Accidents |

One of the more difficult aspects of dealing with car accidents in San Antonio is trying to determine who is at fault. In some cases, liability is quite obvious; in others, the issue may be much murkier. In those instances where there is difficulty assigning fault, authorities may choose to assign a certain percentage of blame to all parties involved. They may also choose to assign liability to the party whose error or infraction was the most egregious.

Determining that may be difficult in an accident that recently occurred in Fort Worth. A driver is being questioned by law enforcement officials to understand what might have led to the collision that killed resulted in a couple’s death. The accident happened on the East Loop 820 freeway, where the aforementioned couple has stopped and exited their vehicle on the side of the road (authorities believe that the pair was involved in some type of disturbance, though it was not made clear whether the two were arguing with each other). While this was happening, the other driver struck their stopped vehicle (investigators have yet to determine whether the couple was also struck directly or were killed by being hit by the own vehicle in the collision). The collision occurred just after midnight.

The driver in this case (and others like it) might certainly make an argument that he or she never expected to encounter a couple outside their car on the freeway (the nighttime darkness might also be cited as a factor in the collision). Conversely, representatives of accident victims like the couple might also claim that drivers must still be vigilant despite what they encounter on the road. In either case, those looking to pursue a liability claim in accidents such as this might first want to secure an attorney’s assistance.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram “2 killed standing outside vehicle on Loop 820 in east Fort Worth” Uhler, Tom, Mar. 30, 2018